Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Okay I'm Back!!!

I am currently in month 10 of the locking process. Here is a picture of my locks during the winter of 2010 (Jan.). They are much thicker than they were in the beginning. I enjoy the ease of not having to style my hair everyday.

Friday, August 7, 2009


It's been awhile since I have blogged. I have been on vacation since the end of June and have been off traveling and relaxing. I took my locks to Fl and finally enjoyed the day at a water park. Next week I will take my locks to the Dominican Republic. I have lots of photos that will be posting shortly. I hope that all my followers are doing well. Stay tuned for tons of new pictures. I'm a week a way from being locked for four months!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Re-Tightening! and Triplets

This is the side view of my hair before the re-tightening on the left. Note how the parts are no longer clear. Here's that same area in the smaller picture after. What a big difference.

This was what I called, "The Lock Mess". I don't really know when this happened. Everything was great until I noticed this. I usually wear my hair down, in a "loc soc" or "loc scrunchie" so I didn't notice what was going on.

Today I had my first re-tightening after 6 weeks from install date. I could not wait any longer. I called Patricia and emailed her photos of my locks. She agreed that we needed to move up the date of the re-tightening. I had sooo much new growth in the crown, back and sides (1/2" - 3/4"). I grew three new baby locks along the front of my hairline. I am so proud of them. I had some slippage but only in the back left corner. Notice the before and after photo. Believe it or not only one lock slipped there. The rest was new growth that made it appear as if the locks were gone. Due to the amount of growth that I experienced my re-tightening took 7 hours. I was pleased with the results and the obvious growth of my locks. I will have to schedule my appointments for every five weeks for now while my hair is experiencing such rapid growth. I don't mind because I like to keep my hair neat. The top picture is after and the second picture was taken right before my re-tightening.
Well I'm smiling again and loving my locks. My loctician and I agreed that for the month of June I would only use the SL starter shampoo although if makes my scalp itch, in order to sufficiently roughen the cuticle and help my new locks as well as the lock that slipped stay in the locking pattern.
In July I can return to using the SL Green Tea shampoo which I really like. The fragrance is very pleasant and my scalp did not itch from using it.
Girls!!!! It feels so good having my locks retightened and close to the scalp again. I should be good for the next 5 weeks. My two month anniversary is approaching.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bendable Rods

I enjoy co-ordintating my loc socs with my outfits and the bendable roller set gives me a nice curly puff every time. Here are the results of the bendable rod journey.

I set my hair damp on the rollers for about four hours. I generally wear my hair with a loc soc for now because my hair on the very front crown area is not as full as the rest of my hair because it is a different texture.

I enjoy using the bendable rods. They are very easy to use and my hair sets very quickly. I usually wash my hair at night and sleep in them but this time I washed my hair in the morning and only left them in for four hours. This is the third washing. I'm an old pro at it now. I had to give in and do my bendable rod set because my locks are much easier to control.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hair Accesories Galore

What do you do when you no longer need all the hair care products that I used to purchase??? You buy hair accessories, but not just any old hair accessories. I have always enjoyed getting packages in the mail so now I order hair accessories on line. These are a few of my latest deliveries. I think they are great for the newly SL'd like myself. I like the pink for the warm weather. They are so comfortable I forget that I am wearing them. I am beginning to appreciate the fact that I don't have to worry about sweating out a "press n curl". Bring on the warm weather. This will be great when I have to get tough. It is so much fun shopping at cheaplocsocs.com and soclocsock.com which were both delightful . Shipping was as fast as 24-48 hours from the time I placed the order to wearing my new gear. The headwear shown in this blog were all purchased from soclocsock.
I must admit that I am enjoying the journey way too much. I have taken on a new hobby of sorts.... collecting loc socs and loc scrunchie. I have always enjoyed being color co-ordinated but having these new styling tools has taken me to a "Whole nava level" lol. Check out these pictures of my newest arrivals. I love the way this converts so easily to change the look and is the epitome of sunshine.
Selection: Both sites offer a wide variety of colors. Soclocsocks offers more styles. I currently have twenty four and counting..
Shipping: Both companies ship their products out very quickly.
I received my order within 3 days of placing it.
Customer Service: Each site provided excellent customer service.
I actually received a hand written note explaining how to wear on
of the products from Locsoclocks as well as a promo code for their
"Mother's Day 2009" sale.
IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES: Cheaplocsocs has and elastic band the end of one or both ends which will be tight if your head circumference is great than 22 1/2" You may find it uncomfortable. The soclocsock does not have any elastic banding on any of its products.

Monday, May 11, 2009

1 Month

Happy with the face in the mirror. One month in the locking pattern and all smiles. I have been using Loc Socs to accesorize my hair.

At work I enjoy the versatility in being able to wear my Loc Soc. The head wraps featured in this blog were purchased at cheaplocsocs.com . My scalp is much less visible at this point. I generally roll my hair on bendalble rollers after washing it while my hair is still damp. The curls last until I wash my hair.

What I have learned over the course of the first month.
1. My hair will always shrink at this stage.
2. I am no longer worrired about my scalp showing.
3. I am not a fan of braiding and banding although I do do it every time I wash.
4. I like the botanical SL shampoo over the SL starter shampoo.
5. I love matching my outfits with Loc Socs and loc Scrunchies.
6. I have definitely developed the, "fingers" in your hair disease.
7. I am seeing a change in the texture of my hair already.
8. Even my kinky hair can slip. I lost two locs which I will have to have re-installed before my first official whole head re-tightening next month.

Goals for month 2
1. Make my own hair jewelry and/or head bands.
2. Leave my hair in its natural state after washing for one week each month w/o roller setting it.
3. Wear my hair in a "up" do.